Best alternatives to watching Netflix?

‘Netflix and chill’ has become the catchphrase for the current generation to indicate downtime. The service is so popular that streaming is synonymous with Netflix and they measure every provider against the trendsetter.

  While they started the trend in a big way, there are many alternatives to Netflix now. Many big studios have discovered streaming is a great revenue generator and probably the only real answer to the problem of piracy. So, they have either signed up to offer their shows on a streaming service or started a streaming service of their own to keep up with the times.

Here are some of the most popular alternatives to Netflix.

  1. Mubi

If you are bored with an endless list of offerings on Netflix, try out Mubi. It has a combination of English and foreign cult and classic titles. Mubi is priced at $6 a month and they have 30 titles to choose from every month. They add a new movie every day. You can stream the movie on a PC, Mac, Smartphones, streaming players like Roku or even gaming consoles like PlayStation.

  1. Tubi

There are a lot of paid services, so Tubi’s offer of free and legal streaming is a refreshing change. The site that offers advertising-supported movies. They have a huge collection of over 40,000 titles from all the big production houses like MGM, Paramount, etc. You don’t even need to register to watch a movie. But if you do, it is easier to play from where left off.

  1. Amazon Prime

Twenty years ago, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos brought IMDB for 55 million dollars and everyone wondered why so much for a website. Today, Amazon Prime is the biggest Netflix competitor. And IMDB has its own source of revenue which is worth more than its buying price. Amazon Prime has also started a production house, commissioning their own TV shows and movies. While it is not as endless as Netflix nor as intuitive, content-wise, there is enough to keep you hooked. And the biggest of all advantages, it comes free with prime subscription and the higher tiers are a lot cheaper than Netflix

  1. Hulu

 It won’t be fair to finish this list without mentioning Hulu. It is one of the bigger competitors in the streaming business and has a lot of great content. Some tiers may be pricier than Netflix in certain segments. But it is not as widely available as Netflix.

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