How to choose the right office space for your business

Having to choose the right office space for your business is very crucial and you will need time to do so. The type of office space chosen could make or break a business, and trying to get the balance between the perfect space and affordability is quite a task especially if one is of limited experience. If a person successfully leases the right office space for a business, clients and workers would be happy, which in turn means, productivity. Get it wrong and this could slow the work down, causing aggravation for workers and clients alike. Renting a good space would always come at a price, but price is not all that matters when you are choosing an office space. Some places could be expensive but are not value for money

Below are helpful tips on choosing the right office space. In no particular order:


Finding the right location is without doubt a key factor in choosing the right office space. Staff spend about 8 hours a day at the office, so having the office in a safe neighborhood is valuable. Clients as well would prefer to meet up in an environment that they feel secure and not some dodgy street. An office closer to subways, rail lines, and/orbus stops are always ideal for your staff and clients for easy commuting. Lastly the amenities close by, shopping area, banks, pharmacy, where employees could go and have lunch or where to take a client to, for drinks or a meal.

The Premises for the office space

One would have to find out if the building is secure, and whether or not they will need extra security. And if there is a manned reception how good is their customer service, because even though they are not your staff they are still part of first impression on your prospective clients. Knowing how well the building is maintained is also key, you can investigate who maintains the building, or ask from other tenants about the quality of the maintenance service. Is there a space for parking of cars or bicycles, or is it going be a 24 hours access building with round the clock security, in case you or your staff need access to the building outside normal office hours.

Size of the office space

Ideally it is said that a space of 70 square feet is needed per person for an office. You would also need space for meeting clients and for the staff, a rest space or somewhere to eat lunch. One will still have to keep in mind the growth of the business, staffing levels will increase, junior staff will become senior staff and will need an office. All these are things one should have in mind when trying to pick an office space.  It is best to call in an office designer when you are viewing any potential office space, to do a test to see if the space fits your required needs. If you feel that is expensive. You might do it yourself with a sheet of paper, rough sketching your designs into an outline of the space to see if it fits.

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