Where to Rent Banqueting Halls in London

With its vast history and large size, London has more than 100 places which provide an ideal setting for organizing formal and informal banquets. Whether it is an entertainment event, a get together or a function to reward a prestigious guest, there are different places available that will definitely meet your needs.Thesebanqueting hall rental can do wonders regardless of whether you are hosting a multi-event or looking for a setting that underlies the mood of the event.

Now, when it comes to party venues London¸ you need to know what it is you aim to achieve, the facilities needed to achieve these things and how best you can achieve your needs when provided with the tools you need. The following are things to focus on:

Place with the historical interior

As you know London is filled with a lot of historic properties. Some of the popular places also have historic and traditional interiors. However, not all these places are accessible as banqueting hall rental options. Some of the places that are available also have restrictions on their use. So, if you are in such a historic location to host your event, it would be wise to read the blueprints. These blueprints can range from the maximum time allowed, if certain functions are permitted etc.Make sure you are considering all these things while thinking of private venue hires London.

The limitation with caterers

Banqueting halls in London have their own inhouse staff that see to the catering. Some places have single catering restriction and some of them practice multiple catering services. It is important always to choose the caterer from the approved list given by the place. Always ask for price quotation as places with the additional facility have added prices.

Consider professional help

If you are looking for the place which can give high impact to your event. Better to consider a professional or a company who can help you to select the one. There are so many production companies and event planners available in London that offer a helping hand when it comes to making a choice. Make sure you are hiring a company or person who hasa great record. As this can have an overall impact on the event and its services.

Visit places

As London has so many places which offer the services. It is significant to make a short list and visit the places to check the services and facilities. You can only take the better decision after visiting the place.

Banqueting Halls To Consider

The most popular banqueting hall London is Westminster located at the heart of the city. If you are looking for a place, that can provide accommodation with the banqueting hall, then you are at the right place. However, if you would prefer a location that was less grand or not quite Westminister-esque, then consider the options below:

Main Hall Banqueting House

Main hall is located near Charing Cross station which offers ease of access to this banqueting hall London. JohnDrew was the designer who gave the place its Ancient Roman and classical look. This could be the perfect destination for any type of event you wish to host. The main hall is versatile and has enough space to accommodate large attendants. The light arrangement and pillar gives a wonderful ambiance to the hall. Their Ruben’s ceiling is something which cannot be replaced by other halls.

The Nature History Museum

The classical interior of the place makes it perfect for any kind of event.  This is located at the heart of the London and it provides a spacious environment for banquets, parties, etc. If you want a place with high reachability proportion than this is the one you can have for banqueting hall rental. You can rent the place according to your requirement. If you need the small place for the event or even large place you can easily get them both. Even if you feel like you would need an extended period of time for your event, you can always extend the rent.

The Porter Tun Brewery

The Porter Tunbanqueting hall rental offers a vast surrounding to hold an event in London. It covers the areas of 20 meters and has unique wooden floor design. The décor of the brewery creates a perfect ambiance for the special events. They have the separate reception area and presentations area.

The Glass Dome

The glass Dome is one of the top places famous for its elegant and fascinating building structure. With the service of two levels restaurant it can be hired for the various occasions. It is best for the events like Christmas parties and breakfast arrangements. It is a prestigious place which offers high-class services and arrangements.It has London’s finest club and event space inclusive with the club. Whether you want to use two or one level you will be getting both levels. They offer prime services and caterers to fulfill the event catering requirements.

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